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Тема: Перевод: Английский, Испанский)  (Прочитано 2930 раз)

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« : 05 Апрель 2010, 02:26:58 »

Доброго времени суток Уважаемые форумчане. Предоставляю услуги по профессиональному переводу с Английского и Испанского языков. Качество гарантирую, цены не кусачие) Вот мое ICQ: 592241400   Постоянным клиентам, и хорошим людям предусмотрены скидки) Обращайтесь поработаем) Спасибо за внимание
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Пол: Женский
Сообщений: 1963

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« Ответ #1 : 05 Апрель 2010, 12:32:25 »

скажите цены переводов на женскую тематику - макияж, мода и подобное

Если я покупаю у вас МК, то оформляйте согласно рекомендациям
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« Ответ #2 : 05 Апрель 2010, 14:39:40 »

Хотелось бы портфолио видеть - хотя бы пару текстов.
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Пол: Женский
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« Ответ #3 : 05 Апрель 2010, 15:20:43 »

Тоже присоединяюсь к вопросам о цене и портфолио.
И цены желательно за материалы с вашим поиском и просто перевод статьи
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« Ответ #4 : 06 Апрель 2010, 00:09:32 »

С удовольствием представлю Вам примеры моих переводов.
Биография, описание моделей
                                            About the models
Type in Google Valentina, Galitsin Valentina, Irina Pischasova, Irina Galitsina, Irina, Irishka, Kosulechka, Valentina and many others tender and sweet words…Valentina is a name of her mother, her faithful and honest mother…Her friend Julia is also known under the name of Valentina as well as the best models of the recent years of Mosteroticteens and later of Met-Art. There are photos on the sites: Domai, Galitsin-Archives, Galitsin-News, and also on Nud-Art. You can find them easily through web.archive.org and also on the torrents. There are a lot of photos, almost the total amount of them!
She is one of my first and the greatest erotic models. Her friend Julia Zankina introduced us to each other on the 13th of March 2001. We have been together since 2004. We got married on the 17th of January 2009. She is an irreplaceable model, a talent operator and also a faithful friend.
And now she is my wife and also a mother of our future children…. We do not take a lot of photos… Especially we like to take photos of each other. We also have a dream! But now I will not tell you about it for a while. I wanted to write that yesterday I was almost put in prison once more…. But I found the site with dolls named after Irina (Russian soft porn model…called Valentina) so I decided to make her a sweet surprise while she was sleeping. Both she and these dolls have similar character traits, all the managerial qualities and the fascination which cover everyone who is on her way…. These dolls pose in the open air, in the bathroom. They can pose with as well as without friends. Most of these are taken after my photos! It is the most pleasant thing that I have come across during the last 6 months.

Перевод разговоров, корреспонденции

Here is actually the ICQ correspondence; it tells us how Julia left her husband Lesha for oligarch’s sake.
Julia is both a beauty and a model.

Poor Lesha and Julia! In my point of view they were a very good couple. Julia also was a very talent model.
Maybe they were a little bit strange couple; she was both a very beautiful porno and erotic model. He was a musician, sometimes he acted in porno movies. Being a very patient person I could understand everything from their stories. But once Julia told me that she had been asked to fuck Lesha with a rubber dildo. Julia put on the stuff and started fucking his ass. It is horrible…I can understand everything that they are artistic souls but this is too much for me…
21 of May 2009 г.
I have become an ICQ –hater recently
if about us, I sent you a lot of references to the blogs, I am interested in you
Grygory is that you?
You have got only poems on your blog, I used to like alike poems in my youth
Tell me please in short how do you do?

In 2004 I realized that overuse of methamphetamine does not enable my extrasensory perception (but to tell the truth this moment I want to discuss in others conditions), and also methamphetamine has made me a junky. Only with my effort of will I made myself to give up taking drugs and I was in total remission for about one year. But in summer of 2005 my acquaintance with one American drug dealer made me to use methamphetamine again (but it was not intravenously it was oral introduction). As the result in spring of 2006 I was about to loose my mind (more over when I was taking drugs I violate my psyche by a huge amount of meditations, after that aural and visual hallucinations started following me). At last in March of 2006 I took a decision to give up taking psychotropic agents for good and I follow this decision even nowadays. So it seemed that my paranoia had to leave me (it was like that during the several last remissions), but paranoia does not leave me and I even think that it is progressive.

Также примеры испанского языка: Свидетельство на недвижимость
                                      El certificado
                            del derecho de propiedad
                                    sobre el arraigo
regi?n de Zaporoshe, Zaporoshe                                                                    31.03.2006
                      La administraci?n de vivienda urbana de Zaporoshe
Tipo del objeto posesi?n de inmuebles
Direcci?n del objeto regi?n de Zaporoshe, ciudad Zaporoshe, Vokzalnaya calle, edificio №31
Los tenedores                                   Forma de la propiedad                      Parte
Tkachenco                                                                privada                                              93/200
Lesya Vladimirovna
Tkachenco                                                                privada                                               93/200
Lesya Vladimirovna
                        Motivo: La disposici?n del jefe de la administraci?n del regi?n Komunarsky
          Fecha 16.03.2006
         N?mero 506r

El jefe del ?rgano                                                                                                    Bazdirev V.G.

И много других) На сайте (в английском разделе) Вы можете ознакомиться с остальными переводами.
Стоимость перевода: Английский язык: 3 доллара за 1000 символов с пробелами, испанский язык 4 доллара за 1000 символов с пробелами
Так же имеется опыт в написании адалт текстов, десков и прочего)
Обращайтесь, Уважаемые, все подробности по ICQ 592241400 , поработаем. Спасибо за Ваше внимание)
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« Ответ #5 : 06 Апрель 2010, 00:11:28 »

В испанском переводе сайт незнакомые буковки немного на свой лад искривил, так что может выглядеть не очень. Все имена при переводе документов изменены)
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